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Its like having your own Personal Shopper

Buying a Bike is a very personal Experience.  You need a bike that will perform exactly as you need.  Today there are so many choices that makes choosing one difficult and confusing. 

Let me help you on the path to better cycling.  We will discuss your needs and determine what style bike you require.  We will look at all the options carefully and get the bike with the best equipment to match your needs and your bugdet.



Bike buying should not be a mystery, that is why we are here, tp help you make the right choice for you.

Questions to answer:

Where will you ride?

How Often will you ride?

How far will you ride?

What kind of rider are you? Aggressive, Relaxed, ...... 

Who will you ride with?

What is your Budget?  

After these questions have answers we can start looking at Bikes.

Here we will consider the style of the bike or more specifically the geometry of the frame which dictates the position you sit on the bike and the use of the bike.

Next is to coonsider Frame Material, Aluminum, Steel, Carbon 

Once we pick the Bike type we can then look at the options available.  Usually a particular frame style will come in 2-3 different equipment levels.  

The basic no frills but everything you need, and the one with leather and a sunroof with everythig you want.

Next is bike Sizing.....YOU DO NOT NEED TO WORRY.....We Size you on the Bike and Guarantee the size we choose for you.


Comfort Hybrids

ON/Off Road Hybrids

Sport Hybrids

Hard Tail Mtn

Full Suspension Mtn

Basic Road

Relaxed Road

Sport Road




All Major Bike brands (sold at dedicated Bicycle shops) are basically the same.  Most all brands have their frames made by the few overseas manufactures.

Next they all use the same combination of Componets from 3rd party manufactures such as Shimano, Sram, MAvic, FSA, ........ 

Next they all make the same style of bikes,  as an example, road bikes come in relaxed, race, and touring geometries.

All Geometries come in Aluminum, Nicer Aluminum, Soft Steel, Lighter Stiffer Steel, Basic Carbon, Nicer Carbon, and Sexy Carbon.

Then take those frames and dress them up in componets.  Mixtures of brands and various levels of the parts dictatee the price of the bike in the end.

When comparing brands be sure you are comparing the similar options.


How much bike do you need is much less then the amount of bike you want.

The bike i ride on the road is not overly expensive and will do more then i can throw at it.

I have demo'ed many bikes from ecomical to expensive and at the end of the day I concluded that

the best one was the one that was fit to me the best, as long as  was comparing apple to apples.

Ex:  $2000-2500 grand fondo style carbon bike with shimano 105 to ultegra mix from 3 differnet popular brands. 

They are all very nice, but it came down to how well was the bike put together, maintined, and fit to ME.

I can make you love a $1000 bike compared to a $3000 bike just by changing the way you fit on the bike.