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Pain is Bad, you should be comfortable on any bike from Comfort to Racer
 Neck pain, wrist shock, numb hands or feet, upper back soreness , lower back tenderness, knees, hips,......
It should Not Hurt at all!!! 
Bike fitting is an art,
but mostly it is a science.All people are built differently.
Your body's Geometry is specific to you.

Many of the polular fitting systems use general rules applied by computers and hope that they apply.
These rules apply to some people but not for others. 
This is where the Human touch comes into play. 
No Smoke and Mirrors just a quality fit using basic Time Proven Principles

Actaul Fitting Results  

  • The Pedal Profiles below left shows a customer who had a lack of power and pain in his right knee. 
  • Using the basic Principles of Fitting and Cleat adjustments the Power & Comfort can be dialed in.
  • The graph below right shows the balance that can be achived using these principles.



  • The graph on the below left shows a snap in the leg speed while pedaling thru the circle with a seat height off by 0.5 inches.
  • This change in velocity around the pedaling circle causes the knee to get whiped and jerked around resulting in stresses spread thru the knee.
  • These stresses contribute to the loss in pedaling efficiency from power to comfort and increased risk of injury.     
  • The graph on the below right shows the smooothness obtained after the correct seat height is dialed in.
  • This smoothness in the pedal speed reduces these stresses resulting in Increased Power, Comfort, & Handling.