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Bianchi - 130 yrs of Italian Style
KHS Bikes
Ventana - Pure Mountain
ARGON 18 - Tri/TT/Road Precision
TwinSix Bikes
Niner Bikes
Custom Builds
Bicycle Fitting
DIY - Buy On-Line? Need Help? Come on Down
Maintence Tips

You found a Great deal online and now it sits on your doorstep waiting to be assembled or installed.

Your excited, elated, you cant wait to get on your new purchase, But.........

You hit a snag, a mole hill that grows into a mountain, or just a little question.

New Bike? Bring it in and allow a trained technician to complete your final adjustments.

Parts off of Ebay? Bike from Big Box Store? 

Bring it in and we will help? 

$40  New Bike Adjustments

$80 Bike Assembably & Adjusments


A Backwards Fork is never a Good Thing