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About Us
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Getaway Cycle Center is a Home town Bike Shop dedicated to keeping you riding.

Small shop dedicated to service.

We help you make the right decision on a New Bike, a Desired upgrade, or a Simple Repair to Refurbishing an old Favorite  that is right for for you and your pocket 

We will Outfit you with all accessories you need and want and will not push unnessasary items on you if you do need them. 

We choose bike brands that represent the quality you require and what we demand here at the Getaway Cycle Center.  

You can ride with confidence and assurance of your purchase. 


  • Choosing a New bike can be an overwheling task.  
  • Bikes come in countelss styles, sizes, colors, and options available from various brands.
  • We Help you find just the right one for You. 
  • We carry a selection of the many choices that represents the brands, styles, and sizes to help make and informed descion on choosing a bike.
  • Most of our bikes are custom ordered for you.  Usually with in 2-5 days we can have you riding on your very own Bike.

  • We are not a Retail Bicycle Store that is trying to rotate inventory and push bikes that need too be moved.
  • The last thing we want is to push you into a bike for the wrong reasons.
  • This inevidently gets people to buy the wrong style bike or wrong size based on great discounted prices.  
  • This "sale"bike does not get riden that much because the owner never really connects with the bike.
  • Sale or no sale, if your dont ride it, it was a waste of money. 
  • If your not Comfortable on a bike, then you don't ride the bike, and that is not good for any of us. 


Nick the owner/operator is a dedicated rider who loves to see people ride.

He grew up in his fathers bike shop back in the 70's-90's.  Riding to school, work, then out with friends, Nick bicycled all the time.  Just a way of life.

Adult years sent him to college for degrees in Biochemistry/Biology/Nutrition.  He Spent 20yrs as a manufacting Chemist for a FDA Regulated Medical Device.

After Being affected by the Financial Criss of 2008 he found himself drawn to cycling that has been part of his life for so many years and opened a Bicycle Shop. 

Thru the years of operating full retail store, and watching the internet growing expodentially the decision to simplify the shop was made.

Also Being a small shop  the winters can get very quiet, allowing some moonlighting as the chemsit i once was.

Sundays and Mondays i leave for hanging and wrenching with the guys at Grove ST Bicycles, Factory Giant Store of Jersey City

This all lead to chemist in the morning and bike wrench in the afternoon. and cycling all weekend.

Come on down and lets get riding. 

Come on by, leave your bike for some love and pick it up with a smile.