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Ski Tune up

$40 Hand Tuned & Ironed-in Hot Wax

(additional charges if skies are badly rusted or highly gouged)  

 New Jersey Skiers see harsh conditions and so does you skies 

Why subject them to a harsh tune ups and a one layer of owe them more then that. 

Treat them to a spa day for skies.....magic hands and a soft touch will rejuvinate your skies & boards.

Benifits of a Personalized Hand Tune compared to a slope side mass tune ups include;

  • Longer life due to very little base and edge material being removed compared to a stone grinder
  • Polishing of the egdes retain their bite longer into the season
  • Removal of old wax from the base allows the new wax to soak in
  • Primary Base wax topped off with a custom wax desinged for various temperatures
  • A Ski Tune up that lasts well into the season



Before TLC

After TLC

Hurts to look at it

Feeling Good

Before & After

$20 Sharping - stop by for a sharpening, your equipment will love you
$10 Cold wax - need a quick coating, no problem, you will be sliding on out of here
$20 Hot Wax - want a wax to last longer, we soak you base with layers of quality waxes from Swix
$10 Base Repair - scrapes, gouges, and other imperfection, no problem, we will smooth them out.
$35 Basic Tune (Base repair, Sharping, Hot wax) - get it all, what more can we say
$40 Snowboard Tune Up (Base repair, Sharping, Hot wax)
$65 Performance Tune - Beveled edges to your Ski's or Boards specifications
                                   Many Layers of Performance waxes
Sorry......We do not work on bindings or boots.